About Clicksonar.eu

Welcome dear visitors to Clicksonar.eu, a website dedicated to the adventures of Juan Ruiz, blind mobility instructor by profession and lover of all things awesome.
On this website you will find information about Clicksonar trainings and workshops, and much more stories regarding my life as a blind mobility instructor.

Clicksonar is based on echolocation. Echolocation principles are typically used by bats and dolphins who produce a sound which bounces off the environment. And these animals can interpret these sounds for orientation purposes. Research has now proven that Clicksonar or Echolocation can be used by humans who are blind or visuallyimpaired to significantly increase their orientation in the environment. 

Clicksonar allows a blind person to learn to detect objects through the auditory system. With Clicksonar a blind person can tell the width of objects, height of objects, distance of objects and density of objects. After a person has learned to utilize Clicksonar, they are able to move much easier and more confidently through their environments and above all also through new environments.